Passenger Seats

Be-Ge are a supplier of M1 approved seats and passenger seats to the OEM truck market of the highest safety standards and quality.

M1 approved seats

We develop and manufacture M1 approved car seats under the brand Jany of the highest quality as well as speciality products for the automotive industry. Our company motto, “Seats for Life”, permeates everything we do. We focus uncompromisingly on safety, quality and flexibility and on developing customer-specific solutions.

M1 tests

M1 tests are the strictest tests a passenger vehicle can undergo. Seats with integrated seat belts are subjected to a demanding test procedure, which often exceeds current requirements. We test our seats in new vehicle models as they are lanched. Therefore, you can feel absolutely confident when choosing a JANY Seat.

Our “Seats for life” philosophy is a recurring concept both internally within Be-Ge Seating Division and externally to our suppliers and customers.

Our values – With our slogan “Seats for Life” we endeavor to:

  • Jany creates value in the user’s life
  • Jany saves lives
  • Jany lasts a lifetime

The Jany products are sold to wide variety of customers and we supply seats for:

  • Emergency services: Ambulances, Police cars and Fire engines
  • Multi-passenger Vehicles: Minibuses and Taxis
  • Wheelchair accessible Vehicle

Passenger seats to the OEM truck market are designed and developed in close cooperation with our customers. With unique solutions and features Be-Ge can offer a full service from concept phase to full serial production.

In-house development, test facilities and more than 70 years of experience in serial production and supply to the truck industry grant for the highest quality and safety.